How to sign “Hi my name is…” in American Sign Language, Plus more!

hi my name 3 pic

How to sign “Hi my name is…” in American Sign Language, Plus more!

Here is my most recent video! I show you how to sign in ASL “Hi my name is…” and I tell you a little bit more you need to know about American Sign Language. Please like, subscribe to my channel, and follow here! Thanks! =D

League of Legends page updated!

ImageTo those who are addicted to league of legends and those who aren’t but just enjoy it. I updated my League page! I added 6 game statistics pictures along with whatever I wrote about each one! Please go read, view, and enjoy, just click the picture above to go to it! Also don’t forget to like and follow! Thanks a bunch! =)

League of Legends- Janna game stats and me!



Me starting a game as support Janna bot lane! (above picture)



Statistics after the game! We won, it was fun and I kept on healing! =D

Click either picture to go to my league of legends page to view stats for other games I’ve played. Of course I don’t post them all, but that’s because I play a lot. Hope you like and follow! Thanks!


Newest video! – Adorable Pit Bull Girl Puppy!


This was the cutest little girl pit bull puppy I have ever got to watch and play with. Please go see our video, please like and subscribe to my channel, and please follow and like us here! Just click the picture of her or the link below to go see her adorableness! Thanks =D

Link to the video of cuteness below!

Pit Bull Puppy!

New listing! Cookbook! Come see!


I posted a new listing on my ebay account! It is a wonderful cookbook with 546 recipes!  They are all quick and easy and from the Recipe Hall of Fame. It can ship worldwide and is a great price! Please come by and snag this awesome cookbook! Only one will get it! Just click the picture above or the link below to go buy it! Thanks! =)

Link to ebay to buy cookbook! – Quick and Easy Recipes

Happyness ^_^

ImageYes, yes I know I didn’t spell happyness correctly, (I wanted to spell it how they do in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” haha. =) 

What makes people happy? So many things in life do.. I know I am happy when I am with family and friends and people I love. I am happy when I have money. I am happy when I get my caffeine. I am happy when I get to just take a day to do nothing at all but relax and do things I enjoy. My favorite movies make me happy. Cute puppies make me happy. There are so many other things that make me happy but it would take awhile to mention them all. Happiness is needed in the world. If people weren’t happy at all, it would be a very sad and gloomy place. So tell me, what are the top 3 things that make you happy? I would love to know so please happily comment below, please follow, and have a happy day or night! =D

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Are you ready?

ImageAre you ready? For what you ask.. well anything really. My cat looks like he is ready to pounce on something or like he is on a mission to do something. How often are we ready for what is coming next in life? I don’t think I am ever REALLY ready for what is coming next. Of course you can try to get ready for things such as school, work, doctor visits, cleaning something, going on a road trip, etc.. but we aren’t really ready for other things. Some of the things that we aren’t ready for are hurricanes, car accidents, winning the lottery, running into an ex or someone you don’t really want to talk to. Sometimes I wish I was ready for everything, but most of the time I don’t. What do you think? Are you ready for what’s coming next? Let me know in the comments and please follow! Thanks =D