Question: If you could live forever, would you and why?


So I woke up this morning and started thinking. What would happen if people had the chance to live forever? How many people would say yes to this and why? Personally, I would not want to live forever for so many different reasons, but I will tell you reasons why I would and wouldn’t want to live forever. 

Why I would like to live forever…

I would like to live forever because I would get to see how the world changes throughout time and over the next couple hundred years or more. I would be able to experience all of the new technology, maybe even get try a flying vehicle one day. With technology changing now, with touch screen computers and Ipads and so many other things, I can’t even imagine what we would have in the future. Living forever would also give me the chance to see family grow old and if I ever have children, I would get to see them grow old too. I would get to retire still and then just live forever doing what I wanted. I could travel the world, go scuba diving, climb Mount Everest. Or.. I could be like other little old ladies and stay home knitting and baking and watching my favorite television shows, but that seems like it would get boring if I was to live forever. 

What I wouldn’t like to live forever…

I would not want to live forever because I would probably get lonely if my friends and family decided not to. They all would live their lives and then start dying and I would be all alone, (because I can sometimes be socially awkward and not go out places as an old lady to make new friends). Also, I would like to grow old and experience certain things as an old lady, but if I’m a sickly lady I would not want to live forever. I would have to keep buying medicines to stay well and that would not only get annoying taking them, but it would also be pretty pricey. When it’s finally time for me to die, I would like to be old and hopefully die peacefully and go to Heaven. 

So, if we did have the decision whether we wanted to live forever or not, I would not, for these reasons and more. What is your opinion on living forever? Would you do it, if yes why, if no why? Tell me what you think!


31 thoughts on “Question: If you could live forever, would you and why?

  1. I agree with the ‘not’ want to. It would be very lonely and there’s something that will be lost that would let me appreciate life. It is after all the reason we always strive for better, otherwise we just shrug our shoulders as just another day and another event. Does that make sense? 🙂


  2. While I would be incredibly curious to see how everything changes, I’d have to say that no, I would not want to live forever. Everything would eventually start to lose meaning, including time. Sounds absolutely tortuous to me.


  3. Well I don’t want to live forever, I guess the movie-“Death Becomes Her”-soured me on that whole living forever concept. I’m quite a bit older than you, and I tire easily, I don’t want to think that I could be tired forever. Your post was a very good one, it gave us something to think about.


    • Hmm I’ve never seen that movie, but maybe I will. I don’t know what it’s like to be older and tired, but I know even at my age it is not the best feeling to be tired mentally or physically, and thank you =)


  4. I have to agree that seeing how the world evolves and changes over time would be an incredible experience. To have the opportunity to learn and see everything I’ve always wanted to know or experience would be amazing. However, the dark side to it all is the issue of “loss”. Over time, your closest friends and loved ones, assuming they weren’t immortal like you, would pass away and you’d be left alone. After living so long, I can only think that you’d become jaded and lose the ability to appreciate living. Time would mean nothing to you, unlike what it means to those that are constrained by its limitations. Death is scary because it’s such a finality. However, the thought of immortality is more frightening to me. That’s probably a strange thing to say (O_o)


    • Yes it would be an incredible experience, and yes it would be so sad to lose everyone you loved. I can’t even imagine not wanting to live because of living so long, its weird. That’s a funny thing to say and maybe it is a bit strange, but very true haha =D


      • Because our existences are so uncertain and finite, it really is hard to actually imagine living long enough to “get tired of living”. Although, I think that may be why some people decide to kill themselves. They’ve just gotten tired of being alive and ready to go wherever. Just a thought, though.


  5. Now, living forever would be amazing. I mean you’d get to see everything. Evolution, crazy future technology and you could literally claim the title of winning.
    There are a few details I’d need to address first though. One is make sure I didn’t age, I’d hate to be 500 years old and feel 500 years old. Zimmer frames are not my style. Second would be the ability to fly, because let’s face it if the earth is going to blow up one day from the sun, asteroid or aliens, I’d like to be able to fly around the universe and find some new people to annoy. This obviously comes on to number three, never dying of anything ever, otherwise space would be a bit tricky.


    • haha very true =) that would be weird, imagine what peoples skin would look like… o.O and imagine, if you couldn’t die, would you be able to breath in space? or would you not be able to breath but somehow still live? weird thought…=O


  6. under present world conditions? no, working long hours and high taxation, lots of restrictions on where you can go, needing permission to just live (permits, licenses etc) poverty, wars, overregulation by gov that make life more restrictive, getting sick, or suffeirng a chronic illness that doens’t kill you just makes you miserable, the severe injustice and wealthy disparity, I would rather not keep living forever so I can be someone’s slave for life, I would like my hubby to not have to work anymore but actually enjoy life and not have to pay ‘our fair share’ anymore. I wonder what about us enjoying our fair share of the fruits of our labors while we are relativly still young enough to enjoy it?


  7. I think we all live forever just not in this body. But I would not want to live forever in this body because I am ready for the great adventure to unfold and whether it be here as the me I am now or in the next life surrounded by glorious love it is all a fabulous ride.


  8. You DO “live” forever in many respects. It’s impossible for me to believe our “lives” are confined to the “dash” between the year of our birth and the year of our death. I doubt that’s all there is. The spirit enters a body, experiences what it is supposed to experience, then leaves…then starts the process over again until all needed experiences are played out, with some exceptions.
    You have given me an idea for a post on one of my blogs- do animals like our pets live forever? They always live in the present moment, which completely changes their experience.
    C’mon back over to and see how it plays out.


  9. I would love to live for ever or until I wanted to die. I would love to live long enough to see geography change, continents drift apart/together, sea levels rise and fall, civilisations collapse and be born. As long as you stayed physically and mentally sound, why would anyone chose 80 years over 5000? I believe we are born, live and die; there is no afterlife, we only get this one chance. Afterlives and spirits who live many times is a lovely story that makes our short lives more bearable. Genuine, physical immortality would be awesome! Even if you only saved a small amount of money regularly, you’d be a millionaire before you knew it, so you’d be able to do whatever you wanted. You’d have the time to actually learn from your mistakes, you’d be able to learn everything you wanted to. It’s another lovely dream, one humans have had as long as they’ve been aware it’s always over before you want it to be.


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