Question: Would flying transportation be a good idea?


It is kind of random, but i was wondering if flying transportation such as cars, boats, bikes, etc.. would be a good idea. It sure would be cooler and there would be less people on the roads (haha, because they are in the air), but would it be safer or more dangerous? I personally think it would be much more dangerous because people wouldn’t have any roads or anything to follow. If we could have flying transportation, we would be all over the place. One good thing about flying would be if you were about to get in an accident, there would be so many different ways you could fly (or steer your way of transportation) to avoid crashing into someone else and then falling from the sky. Imagine if you were high in the sky and hit someone and lost control of the vehicle and then just went plummeting straight to the ground. Sounds a bit terrifying to me and I personally wouldn’t like the idea of people being able to fly everywhere. What’s your opinion on flying transportation? Let me know!

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