Tattoos- What’s your opinion on them?


Do you have tattoos or do you think they are a terrible decision? Personally, I have this one tattoo and the only reason I think people should get a tattoo is if it has some type of special meaning to the person. I got my tattoo because it reminds me of one of my old dogs who’s name was Prince. I had him when I was little and he was like my best friend (I would talk to him all the time). Sadly we had to let the pound take him because we couldn’t have the type of dog he was. If you are getting a random tattoo just because, I don’t think you should (my personal opinion) because this will be on you forever, unless you get it surgically removed which seems painful. For most people, tattoos stay on us our whole life and I know I wouldn’t want some random picture on my skin forever especially if I changed my thoughts about it and didn’t like it anymore. Don’t forget, this is just my opinion, do what you want 🙂 So, tell me.. what’s your opinion on tattoos? Do you like/ dislike them and do you have some already?

12 thoughts on “Tattoos- What’s your opinion on them?

  1. Thumbs up here. I have two tattoos, and each are about 20 years old, and in my life I have found there to be two types of people…those who like tattoos and those who don’t. I think people who make the tattoos are extremely talented and are underated for their art, but if there is a lousy tattoo artist out there they can ruin it for the rest of them.


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