Pets? love ’em or hate ’em


Do you have any pets? Whether it’s a yes or no, what do you think of them. Do you love having pets or hate it? We have a few different pets, and I have always loved having some type of pet since I was a little girl. My favorites have always been dogs. Right now we have a puppy (he isn’t really a puppy.) His name is Chewy. He is an adorable chihuahua and luckily he doesn’t bark at everything he sees. Image

We also have 2 cats, Honda and Fena. Fena is the white older one, and Honda is a bit chubbier and is blackish. They are both adorable cats.The only thing about having pets is you need to make sure you are not allergic to your pets. If you are, it kinda sucks because you can’t play with them or be around them much. Sadly I am allergic to cats, but not to much =D

ImageIf you are allergic to animals or your pets, it’s as simple as taking allergy pills or allergy shots, and making sure to wash your hands after touching them. I love cats and dogs so I think those are pretty simple things to do. Image


To top it off, we have 3 tiny white pet mice. Yes they are not the typical pets, but I really wanted something tiny and cute (in my opinion =D). My boyfriend decided to name them, and he came up with the names based on there being 3 of them and because they are white. He decided on the names of the ghosts from the Casper movies. Fatso, Stretch, and Stinky. The funny thing is that one of them really is fatter thank the other 2. 

So tell me, do you have any pets? If so what kinds? Do you love or hate having pets and what are your reasons? =)



6 thoughts on “Pets? love ’em or hate ’em

      • Mom was a teacher and hatched a chicken egg in her class. A great pet, funny, not real smart but very entertaining. Sadly after 3 years we were “informed” it was illegal to have livestock in the city (new neighbor told on us) so she moved to a petting zoo. She had a good chicken life and didn’t end up on a dinning room table.


  1. Growing up I used to drag every kind of any imaginable home, those were my mom’s exact words. I prefer cats, but we don’t have any pets. My kids all have pets, so I prefer to visit theirs, so much simpler.


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