School Buses vs. City Buses

ImageAnyone else ever rode a bus, whether it was a city or school bus? I have many times. Didn’t like the city bus as much as the school bus (since I was with friends on the school bus.) School buses are fun for field trips when you are with friends and people you know, city buses can be scary, dirty, and field with strangers, (not a good experience for a younger person or little kid). City buses are good for getting places if you don’t have a vehicle of your own though. What are your thoughts on buses? Let me know! =D


4 thoughts on “School Buses vs. City Buses

  1. After a night of heavy partying (which I rarely do any more), I decided I should leave my car in the parking lot at the bar and take a bus home…so I did. Arrived home safe and all in one piece. I’m still amazed though, because I had never driven a bus before. Now the damn thing is parked in front of my house and I don’t know what to do with it!! Any suggestions?
    (Sorry- not an original story but seemed apropos) 😉


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