So much time…


I have all the time in the world,

Yet I can’t find a job or anything else to do.

If I don’t fix this problem soon,

I am sure I will go insane.

Staying home all day,

is not what we are meant to do…



2 thoughts on “So much time…

  1. thank you so much for following me!!! im new to the site and honestly your my only follower and any advice you have on any of my posts would be greatly appreciated….lol i just sounded so weird…im normal i promise


    • haha no problem. I am actually fairly new to blogging and the site as well. A good way (that I’m still learning and trying) to get new followers and views is to comment and like other peoples posts, and it is working =) and I will do my best and try to give good advice (and hopefully it will be good) and no you didn’t =) (sorry this comment is so long) =D


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