4 thoughts on “Tags for other pages?

  1. Can’t use tag on page. You can use parents in page attributes to arrange pages. If you like to move your post like tab on the header, you can use menus in your dashboard appearance>menus. To choose main page, you can select static page in settings>reading>static page. I don’t know if this answer will solve your question.


  2. You could also use “buttons” on the side… There two different ways to do that that I know of, but I only use one way. The buttons you can basicly create with your own photos. I use another hosting site for when I make “buttons.” I noramally use photobucket. Its free, thats why I use them. Anywho, just take a picture and size it down. I use width size 275, you can trial and error to see what size best works for you. Then I upload the picture to my photobucket account. After it is uploaded, if you click on the picture, there will be a “Links” dropdown on the right side of the screen. It will have options in it such as: Email, Direct link, HTML, IMG code. Chose HTML, copy the code. Then go to your dashboard here on wordpress. Go under Apperance then to Widgets. You can drag and drop widgets to the right side. Chose the “Text” widget and drop it where you want it on the right of your screen. Paste the HTML code from your picture. Open another browser window and go to the page you want people to click on. Copy the URL from the browser. Then go to the other browser that is still open with your widgets. Paste the URL AFTER <a href=" Then deleat what is between the commas, but stop deleating before you get to TARGET. Hit save and now you have a button. If you don't want them on the side of your blog, you can always add them to a post. You can write above it Click here to see ____. I am not sure if this is what you're looking for. I hope I helped some. ?


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