WordPress vs. Facebook

ImageWordPress or Facebook? Maybe both. Personally, I use them both and I enjoy it. WordPress (WP) is a blogging website but at the same time it reminds me of Facebook (FB) at times, and FB reminds me of WP at times. They both seem similar to eachother because people post on both whatever they want. Sometimes it is just random or what’s on our minds. I think the main difference is that on FB, it is personal friends that post a lot more and it doesn’t have to be special in any way. It could be a short comment, a long one, or a message to a specific person. You can also chat on FB and have albums of pictures. On WP you may not know most of the people that view your blog or follow you. At the same time you can post randomness, information about something, or post only about one specific thing all of the time and nothing else. You can add pictures to WP as well but it is different from FB. I like to use both for different reasons, but in the end I think they are both similar in lots of ways that people don’t think of very often. What do you think, and do you use one or the other, or both? Let me know and please follow! Thanks! =D


6 thoughts on “WordPress vs. Facebook

  1. There is something more social about wordpress. You meet people with thoughts and opinions on posts, whereas FB is limited to just friends and you don’t really meet new people or ideas as much. If that makes sense? 🙂


  2. i use both along with other social media, word press is the newest form of social media and blog i have used and i have to say i like it.. WordPress is defiantly better than some of the other blogs out there. 🙂


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