Lonely tree


I absolutely LOVE nature. Whenever I can take a picture that is so beautiful and breathtaking I do it. Some of my favorite pictures are of the sky, trees, and sunsets. Sometimes they may not be of the best quality because all I have with me is the camera on my phone but I don’t care. I think “that is going to be my picture, no one else’s.” Do you like taking pictures of nature? If yes, what kind? I’d love to know, so please comment and follow! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Lonely tree

  1. Nature consisting of sunsets, trees, skys, lakes, birds…all of those are my favorites. I haven’t been able to get into the whole abstract “hard” pictures such as objects, extremely close ups etc. I think your photo is beautiful too, thank you for sharing it.


  2. You have a good attitude about taking pictures. This photo is fantastic. It has a great composition with the strong, very linear horizontal layers, punctuated by the organic element of the tree. The photo is well exposed (details in the shadows, and good color balance). The angle balances out having the tree in the dead center of the image, and the soft focus gives the photo a nice abstract quality, and softens the tree making it an integral part of the composition as opposed to an overpowering, dominant element in the picture if it were in sharp focus.


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