Go! no… Stop!

ImageGo! It seems like we are doing that all the time. Whether we have work, school, or nothing at all to do, we are always on the move. We wake up in the morning (afternoons for some) and we start our day. We keep moving, doing, eating, etc.. but how often do we stop and just enjoy life and our surroundings and not worry and think about the problems in life? I know I haven’t did it much lately. We go through our days just moving from one thing to another and I think we need to stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile. People are so focused on this and that and it stresses them and causes problems with people they know. If people just took a part of the day to slow down and just enjoy life, I think the world would be a happier, calmer, and more peaceful place. So instead of just running around today for school and work, or even just sitting at home messing around, take some time to just enjoy all the good things in life. 


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