Addicted! Gah!

ImageSo… yeah. I’m addicted. Whoa! I meant to soda, calm down. I didn’t mean I’m addicted to some drug or something. Sheesh, people jumping to conclusions…

Haha, but seriously. I have a real issue on my hands. I have been trying to lose weight lately and no matter what I do I can’t. One of the biggest problems is my addiction to drinking soda. I’ve noticed I like the ones with a lot of caffeine the most. Maybe that’s the issue. My favorites are Coca-Cola (34 mg caffeine in 1 can), Mountain Dew (55 mg caffeine in 1 can), and Dr. Pepper (41 mg caffeine in 1 can). Sadly I sometimes drink Red Bull which is terrible for me because it has 80 mg caffeine in a 8.2oz can. It’s terrible and I know, but I can’t stop drinking it no matter what I do and try. So are you addicted to anything? If yes let me know what it is and hopefully we can all stop these terrible addictions… Thanks for reading and please follow! =D


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