Water? ‘bleh…

Hey guys! I don’t know about you all but I absolutely hate drinking water. I know I need to drink water to stay alive but I can get enough from sodas and coffees and other things =) I have already tried crystal light, lemons, and other flavorings, so I don’t know what to do.

Let me know how you feel about drinking water and if you have any tips that I can try to start drinking more! thanks! Don’t forget to like and follow and visit my youtube channels! =D

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Blizzard? I hope not…

ImageHey guys! So guess what happened again? I woke up today to it snowing. I was really hoping we wouldn’t get anymore but we did. It is snowing worse today though and people are talking about a blizzard. I really hope that doesn’t happen. Anywho, are you getting snow where you are at? Let me know! Please like and follow! Thanks! =)

Sona- so hilariously dumb! XD

ImageHey guys! So my boyfriend just played a LOL game as mundo jungle. He did really good and was 11/5/25 in the end, but this isn’t what I want to point out. Look at Sona’s build on his team. It is so dumb and funny at the same time. She actually did decent as well. Just wanted to show that to you guys, I thought it was hilarious XD

Seriously? Again? It never ends…

ImageSeriously? When is it going to stop snowing? I don’t know about you all but I am tired of the cold weather. All I want to do is stay home in my pjs, drinking cocoa, and blogging. Also all the little ones (siblings, not kids, I don’t have any) all want to go outside and play but they can’t yet without having to get all bundled up. What do you think? Are you sick of the snow and cold or can you handle it a little longer? Let me know what you think! Please like and follow! Thanks! =)

Join swagbucks with me!

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