Superbowl! – No…


I don’t know about you but I don’t like much less understand football. The only reason I go to football parties is to hang out with friends and family. Are you a football fan? Also, what do you think of that crazy power outage? Let me know, like and follow! Thanks!

11 thoughts on “Superbowl! – No…

  1. ¡No me gusta football! As my gay dance teacher once said “Ewww! All those overly large men handling each other!” We get invited to Superbowl parties every year, but never go. I’d much rather go out dancing than sit in front of a TV and watch all those men handling each other;• )


    • LOL! That is so funny XD I only go because my boyfriend goes and because I get to hang out with friends and I get to eat. I don’t go for the football at all, but that does sound like a better idea to do instead of watching them because that is so true =)


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