Childhood memories

Did you ever have that one toy or type of toy that you absolutely loved as a child? I know lots of people did and my little brother has a favorite type of toy. Cars. It’s a typical favorite toy for little boys. When I was a little girl, I was mainly a tomboy so I didn’t have a favorite toy or type of toy. I liked playing outside, drawing, and playing sports. As I got older, I didn’t change much but I grew up the way I did for a reason. I am happy with my life and I just realized I am not even talking about the toys anymore. Anywho… back on topic. Did you have a favorite toy or type of toy growing up? Let me know below and please like and follow! Thanks! =)

8 thoughts on “Childhood memories

  1. I had lego kits growing up, One set after another. Always building cars or houses or something that makes absolutely no sense lol! seems my daughter picked up on it somehow when she was a toddler because she would love playing with cars too 😀


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