Water? ‘bleh…

Hey guys! I don’t know about you all but I absolutely hate drinking water. I know I need to drink water to stay alive but I can get enough from sodas and coffees and other things =) I have already tried crystal light, lemons, and other flavorings, so I don’t know what to do.

Let me know how you feel about drinking water and if you have any tips that I can try to start drinking more! thanks! Don’t forget to like and follow and visit my youtube channels! =D

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10 thoughts on “Water? ‘bleh…

  1. well, i love drinking water so this has never been a problem for me…i’d suggest flavored and carbonated water that doesn’t have sodium, sugar, or an artificial sweetener (i like the ‘la croix’ brand – especially the lime, coconut, and grapefruit flavors). another great option is iced or hot tea, which is 90% as hydrating as water, ounce for ounce (you could even add a bit of fruit juice to iced tea for more flavor – try adding a splash of real, no-sugar added, not from concentrate cranberry juice to green tea. it’s amazing).

    hope at least one of these suggestions works for you, and thanks for stopping by my blog!


    • ive tried the tea thing but can’t find one i like. and I never thought about the cranberry juice in green tea. I definitely need to try that one =) thanks so much for the ideas and for stopping by mine as well! =)


  2. I don’t have any advice or anything… but I have the same problem! Pretty much everyone I know drinks like camels and I have to force myself to drink a bottle of water a day (and maybe a cup of juice). I pretty much always feel lightheaded and/or dizzy from being dehydrated all the time. I haven’t ever really met/talked to anyone with the same problem! haha


    • lol haha I know right. there doesn’t seem to be many people with this problem. and I kind of do the same thing about forcing myself to drink a bottle or some water, but thats only a few times a week. I think my body is used to low amounts of water because I don’t really get lightheaded or anything.


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