So colorful!

Hey guys! When you were younger or even now, did you like to color and make really colorful pictures? I know I did and still like to. I have always loved drawing, painting, and art in general. The other day I was messing around on the paint application on my pc and just made a colorful picture. I always tried to do this when I was little on paper but it always took long. So here is a quick version =)


OMG LEAGUE OF LEGENDS STATS AND VIDEOS. read the whole thing please!

Hey guys! So I started recording my LOL games but unfortunately I didn’t record this one because I was babysitting and it was very noisy. This was an awesome close game where I was Morgana mid and I got fed, which usually never happens. I had 15 kills, 3 deaths, and 14 assists. One of our people disconnected multiple times so I think that is the only reason we didn’t win. It was very close and we could have easily won if we were all there for every fight. The final score for our team was 42 kills on them while they only had 29 on us. Sadly we did get defeated because they started playing smarter and we were missing someone. Wish I would have been able to record this game. To see any of the games I do have up and recorded go to my channel by clicking the picture of the stats or clicking on this name -> Alic3InUnd3rland to go to my playlist of my games so far. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Thanks so much! =D


Having pets

ImageHey guys! I have had so many pets in my life and I am only 20, but some of them I have had at the same time. The picture above is a picture of our dog named Rugar. We don’t have him anymore though, we gave him to a family member but he was big and sweet. Right now we have 3 cats, the newest being my baby Olive and we have a chihuahua. I used to have 3 tiny mice but we got rid of them for a few different reasons. How many pets is the most you’ve had at once? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to like and follow! =)


State fair thoughts


Hey guys! So what do you think about state fairs? I used to love them as a kid, but now that I am getting older I prefer not going because there are so many people there and the prices are outrageous. I would rather take a day to go to a popular theme park or something that is there year round. When I was a kid I wasn’t the one that had to pay for everything and I got to ride the kiddie rides but the rides that they have for adults are sometimes fun sometimes not. I didn’t like crazy adrenaline rushing rides before but now I do so the rides at the state fair don’t do much for me. Yeah they do have some good food there as well but most of it is just overpriced junk food so I might as well pay the same price and go to a nice restaurant in town. I also don’t like how it only comes once a year and only for a few weeks because it used to stay for slightly over a month when I was little. Anywho, let me know what you think about state fairs. Don’t forget to like and follow! =)