Fed Volibear, no deaths, and a surrender!



Hey guys! This was a really funny game I played a few days ago. I played Volibear solo top and got fed. It was so funny and they also surrendered because at 20 minutes 31 seconds we had 20 kills on them and they only had 4 on us. 10 of those kills were mine and I had 4 assists. I didn’t die once this game. Whenever I solo top, this is who I like to play because Volibear is awesome!

10 thoughts on “Fed Volibear, no deaths, and a surrender!

  1. Nice! I am currently detoxing from this game(playing The Secret World). Haha, I play Ahri, or Blitzcrank; definitely a great combination with Volibear. I’ve had many hilarious kills with him. Andy1076 is right, free and fun. A very addictive game, with the right amount of competitiveness thrown in.
    Thanks for sharing!


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