my crazy thoughts and life

Hey guys! So, if you are reading this then that is awesome. I am literally going to talk about nothing at all and stuff that actually matters. Well maybe I will, we will see. So if people read this awesome, if not that’s ok. I just need to get some thoughts and things off my mind. I guess you could say I am sort of journaling but for the world to see. Anywho, I have been so stressed for about a half a year now because I left my job because they were closing a few months later. They are now closed and I have been applying for jobs since. I have had 2 interviews but one of them wasn’t an official interview if that makes any sense. The more time that goes by the more the stress builds up and I don’t know how much more I can take. I am not only stressed from this but also because I have a few bills to pay, pets to take care of, and other things but yet I can’t build up enough money no matter what. Money goes way to fast. I am currently working for family but it isn’t enough right now. I have been wanting to move out of my boyfriends nana’s house for awhile now, but I am afraid of moving out on my own although I know there are people that will say I shouldn’t be and that I was born alone so I should deal with it. Maybe I should but I doubt I will. I am small, a girl, and have never lived on my own so I am a tad afraid. Something else that’s been bothering me is I’ve gained quite a few pounds since I moved out of my mom’s house. I know it’s because I’ve been eating so much fast food and drinking so much pop, which I think I may be addicted to but that’s also what bothers me. The fact that lately I haven’t been able to buy much fast food, yet I can’t lose the weight. I’ve tried to start a workout routine but everytime it ends a few days later. I just don’t have the motivation to keep doing it. I am hoping to get a job with cricket who I had the interview with or a call center I applied at because they are both minimum wage and they both have ways you can earn a lot of extra money. I don’t like to talk to many people about how I feel and I do talk to my boyfriend but sometimes I need someone else to talk to. Maybe I can talk to more people or just do this because I feel like I am talking to someone in a weird way. I’ve still been doing my youtube videos and I have 2 channels. If anyone reads this and wants to view them, please just send a comment asking for the links to them. I like to blog as well. I haven’t felt like doing anything really lately other than stay home and do nothing. I used to like to do more blogging, more videos, learn asl, draw, and play league of legends. I haven’t felt like doing any of those lately. Sometime in the near future after I pay off things I need to and after I get everything figured out hopefully I have a job as well, I would like to buy me a better camera because I don’t have a great quality one and I love taking pictures and making videos. Well guys, if you read this, thanks for putting up with me and my crazyness and what some would call complaining but I just needed to get this stuff off my chest. So… I’ll be blogging like normal soon. bye…

2 thoughts on “my crazy thoughts and life

  1. If you are really serious about getting a job, make applying for jobs your full-time occupation until you find a job. Getting lots and lots of applications out increase your chances of landing something. Stress makes it much harder to lose weight, and if you get less than 6 hours a sleep a night, losing weight is even harder. I think you said you don’t like coffee or water. If you can increase your water intake, and wean yourself off sodas, that will help with the weight and stress. If you need the caffeine, learn to drink black coffee. You get the caffeine, antioxidants and it helps you burn fat. I’m seeing all these “miracle weight loss” with “green coffee beans” scams coming through my spam mail. It’s no secret that coffee helps with weight loss, and it increases performance, as well. When I was racing bicycles coffee was my drug of choice. Best of luck with your job search. You are a talented young woman, just get yourself out there and you should find something.


    • true, but they are just so time consuming. funny enough though I just got called this morning to go to an interview tomorrow. Hopefully I get this one. Its at a call center and those are usually easy to get. And I understand that about the stress, so I’ve started to eat less fast food and more salads, and another funny thing is I found these things that are like packets of coffee that you just need to add water to them and they are nescafe brand and are actually good so I am trying to drink those once in awhile because the water and for the energy. Thanks for the tips and for saying I’m talented =D haha ^_^


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