Having pets

ImageHey guys! I have had so many pets in my life and I am only 20, but some of them I have had at the same time. The picture above is a picture of our dog named Rugar. We don’t have him anymore though, we gave him to a family member but he was big and sweet. Right now we have 3 cats, the newest being my baby Olive and we have a chihuahua. I used to have 3 tiny mice but we got rid of them for a few different reasons. How many pets is the most you’ve had at once? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to like and follow! =)


12 thoughts on “Having pets

  1. Personally? I’ve had a dog and a cat when I lived with my ex gf who had 6 cats and a ton of other critters. Then, at my own place I’ve had at least 20 guppies (fish) lol 🙂


  2. At one time we had all at once six cats, a parrot, a parakeet, two chameleons, two blood pythons (one red and one black phase), a boa constrictor, a black rat snake, an African house snake, a garter snake, a vinegaroon, an emperor scorpion, a common scorpion, and a black widow spider (we had her in an aquarium).

    Currently we have 6 cats and a parrot, but we have lots of peripheral pets if you count all the spiders that hang around both in the house and outside the house, and all the wild critters that come around begging for food, such as raccoons, skunks and porcupine.


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