OMG LEAGUE OF LEGENDS STATS AND VIDEOS. read the whole thing please!

Hey guys! So I started recording my LOL games but unfortunately I didn’t record this one because I was babysitting and it was very noisy. This was an awesome close game where I was Morgana mid and I got fed, which usually never happens. I had 15 kills, 3 deaths, and 14 assists. One of our people disconnected multiple times so I think that is the only reason we didn’t win. It was very close and we could have easily won if we were all there for every fight. The final score for our team was 42 kills on them while they only had 29 on us. Sadly we did get defeated because they started playing smarter and we were missing someone. Wish I would have been able to record this game. To see any of the games I do have up and recorded go to my channel by clicking the picture of the stats or clicking on this name -> Alic3InUnd3rland to go to my playlist of my games so far. Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Thanks so much! =D


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