oh my goodness!

Hey guys!

So I just realized like 3 days ago and then again like 2 minutes ago that I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. This is partially because I’ve been helping family a lot and because I am going to start working again in 3 days! I am so excited! Anywho, I just wanted to see how you are all doing and let you know that I am mainly uploading league of legends games to my channel but I will still upload vlogs and kitten videos. I’ll put a link to it at the end of this. I was thinking… for my next vlog video, what should I talk about? Should it be my thoughts and opinion on something or something completely different? Please give me some ideas guys, it would be much appreciated. Also, I know the quality of the vlogs isn’t that great right now but as soon as I work for a bit I will buy me a better camera and better editing software. Hope to hear from you all! Don’t forget to like and follow!

link to my channel-> Alic3InUnd3rland

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