If you can dream it… You can do it <3

What am I supposed to think? I can’t stand it. Listening to what I have to do all the time, what I do wrong, what I should be doing instead. What’s the point of trying. I can’t even make my own choices sometimes which in turn would help me make my own mistakes so I can learn on my own. I learn by doing. Anyone who knows me would know that. What if we all could make the decisions we wanted when we wanted to, can you just imagine how much trouble some people would be in? Yes, I agree not everyone needs to be in charge of themselves but it’s okay if some people are. I personally can not stand being told what to do, with anything. I hope to eventually have some sort of career where I am my own boss. If I end up being a manager/boss of other people that would even be good. I just hate having so many people above me. Right now I know I have to just deal with it and listen to my managers but sometimes some of them just hit the wrong button that day and I just want to walk out the door and never go back. Other days the same people or others can be so nice and friendly making jokes and having a ton of fun with me and my other coworkers. It’s a very confusing thing to deal with. I am going to be starting a second part time job, the one I currently have is also part time which kind of sucks because one full time position with benefits would be so much better, but hey, what can you possibly do with an Associate’s of Science Degree (nothing specific at all) and a high school diploma besides retail and being in the restaurant business, which I refuse to do (the restaurant part). Annnnywho…. Enough about managers and being told what to do.

I have had my YouTube account for almost a year, it’ll be a year in November of this year (2013) and I actually think I am doing really well for it not being that long yet. I recently got partnered with a gaming network/youtube network so hopefully they can help my channel grow bigger and a lot faster. Some people like to do YouTube videos only to earn money and that is a nice perk but that isn’t my reason for doing it. I make a couple different types of videos including gaming with commentary which is the main one I do, I also have done a couple stop motion animation videos, cartoons with a specific website, american sign language tutorials, and some of just me vlogging or showing off my pets. I really do enjoy making videos and I just recently got a better camera to record things so that’s nice. I also love taking pictures of different things especially nature and I’m hoping to start doing that a lot more again. I haven’t actually did a blog in which I talked to you guys for quite a few months and it was mainly because I started working again and because I got caught up with life. I am hoping to start blogging daily or every other day again, and when I remember and am able to I will add a picture to the blog of something interesting I saw that day or something else random that you guys might like. I really enjoy writing even though I hated it in school and I actually hope to one day write a book, most likely a children’s book or teen fiction. I know I have a lot of random and weird goals such as being my own manager, writing books, being popular on YouTube, and that isn’t everything, but I think it is possible. Everything is possible if you really want it, and if you dream it you can do it. I attached the picture that I have on my twitch.tv/alic3inund3rland which says that. So if you guys have a goal or dream don’t just give up on it just because of one fork in the road or one little thing that may be difficult to get past. Go for it and just do it. Well guys, I better stop writing for tonight. Ya’ll are awesome and go for your dreams! G’nite!


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