Isn’t that strange?!?!



Hey guys! Some of you know already that I love taking random photos. I was showing my sister the other day one of them, the one shown here. I forgot exactly what I asked her but the first thing she said was that it looked like a crowd of people and this looked like the top of there heads. I started laughing a lot because that isn’t what it is but I could see why she said it. Take a moment to look at it and tell me what YOU thought it was at first. 

Obviously it isn’t a crowd of people and the top of there heads because that would mean that they were all the same height which would definitely be weird. Nope. It’s actually a close up of the carpet. Why I took this picture, I don’t know. It sure is a strange yet interesting photo if you ask me. It’s pretty cool that you can take pictures of random things and they can look nothing like what they really are sometimes…

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