Ultra Rapid Fire with Fizz is CRAZY!!!



Hey guys! So I have been playing quite a few games on the new Ultra Rapid Fire gamemode on league and I absolutely love it! It is so crazy and fast paced but very fun at the same time. I just uploaded one of the few games that I played on URF mode and you can go check it out on my YouTube channel by clicking the picture or right here. -> URF with fizz

As you can see by the picture a lot is changed and this is what makes it so crazy and fun. I’m working on getting even better at league of legends and if you are just beginning or already know a good amount about league that’s great! But I just got an ebook called “Learn the League” from Ciderhelm (awesome YouTuber and knows so much about League of Legends) and he has so much information and is always updating his ebook. If you want to get it just click the link below. Learn the League offers a university-level education in League of Legends and if you aren’t Gold ranked yet, chances are you can learn a lot from this to get there. I’m not just saying these things just because, I really mean it and I know I will be getting to gold rank or higher soon myself. 

Learn the League ebook-Ciderhelm

My YouTube Channel

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