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Hey y’all! I haven’t blogged for quite some time and I sure do miss it. Hope everyone is doing well! I plan on blogging a lot more this year and I hope you all enjoy this photo of a little pigeon I took a couple weeks ago! 🙂


Beautiful bird on gorgeous winter day

Beautiful bird on gorgeous winter day

Isn’t that strange?!?!



Hey guys! Some of you know already that I love taking random photos. I was showing my sister the other day one of them, the one shown here. I forgot exactly what I asked her but the first thing she said was that it looked like a crowd of people and this looked like the top of there heads. I started laughing a lot because that isn’t what it is but I could see why she said it. Take a moment to look at it and tell me what YOU thought it was at first. 

Obviously it isn’t a crowd of people and the top of there heads because that would mean that they were all the same height which would definitely be weird. Nope. It’s actually a close up of the carpet. Why I took this picture, I don’t know. It sure is a strange yet interesting photo if you ask me. It’s pretty cool that you can take pictures of random things and they can look nothing like what they really are sometimes…

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Eye see you!


Hey guys! Have you ever thought about how weird eyes are? Just think about them. They see things, they wear makeup, they wear glasses and contacts, they blink all the time. Some people need eye drops or other things to help their eyes. On Halloween people like wearing eye patches to be a pirate or maybe aviators to be a cool looking cop. Our eyes definitely go through a lot and sometimes we take the for granted. I am pretty sure Helen Keller would have loved to have good or perfect vision. I sure hope I never have to wear prescription glasses or contacts in the future. I have great vision now and all I need are eye drops for allergies and a cute pair of sunglasses to protect them from the sun. What do you think about eyes? Anything I didn’t mention? Let me know! 🙂

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Tiny Tulip


Hey guys! So these two ladies came into my job and were looking at the baby Easter dresses. Then a funny little conversation happened about this dress in the picture.

Lady1: awww look how cute this pink one is!
Lady2: sure if you want your daughter to look like a fricken tulip
Lady1: no she wouldn’t (kinda annoyed voice)
Lady2: yeah. She definitely would

Then they took off.. without any dress in hand haha. The things you hear working in retail, gotta love it. And I do agree with the dress making her look like a tulip 🙂

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ImageHey guys! So I played and recorded 2 really awesome league of legends games today and I’m gonna try to upload the first one tonight. The other will be uploaded within a couple of days, but until it is uploaded and while you wait go check out my other league videos, minecraft (still working on doing more) videos, and everything else I have on my channel! Don’t forget to subscribe on youtube and follow on twitchtv. I’ll put all of my links below =) Thanks!



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