Gorgeous Day at the Park

It was such a beautiful day at the park we had to go out and take a walk at the park. This is one of the pictures I was able to get that I really liked. Hope you all like it as much as I do!

Such a beautiful day we had to take a walk out.

Such a beautiful day we had to take a walk out.

Gotta love ’em


Don’t you just love cats? Or maybe dogs? No? How about birds, snakes, or frogs? Well whatever you do love that’s great! I love most animals but I have 3 favorites. Pandas, dogs, and cats. This is a picture of Honda, one of my boyfriends cats. Silly little chubby cat. Sometimes the suckish thing about some animals is being allergic to them. Cats are very loving but I am allergic so I can’t be around them to often but that doesn’t completely stop me. Do you like animals? Have any of your own? Let me know! 😀

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Having pets

ImageHey guys! I have had so many pets in my life and I am only 20, but some of them I have had at the same time. The picture above is a picture of our dog named Rugar. We don’t have him anymore though, we gave him to a family member but he was big and sweet. Right now we have 3 cats, the newest being my baby Olive and we have a chihuahua. I used to have 3 tiny mice but we got rid of them for a few different reasons. How many pets is the most you’ve had at once? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to like and follow! =)