Oh no kitty!

This is what happens when boredom kicks in but you are also excited because you got a new toy lol.

Woot Woot! Got me a Wacom tablet! 😀

Oh no kitty!

Back to blogging!

Hey y’all! I haven’t blogged for quite some time and I sure do miss it. Hope everyone is doing well! I plan on blogging a lot more this year and I hope you all enjoy this photo of a little pigeon I took a couple weeks ago! 🙂


Beautiful bird on gorgeous winter day

Beautiful bird on gorgeous winter day

Chats between me and my mind

Me: I’m bored…

My mind: What should we do?

Me: I dunno… maybe watch some videos on youtube or play a game

My mind: That sounds boring

Me: What do YOU want to do then?

My mind: I don’t care, you choose.

Me: Neither do I, I am you and you are me so does it really matter?

My mind: Exactly and nope, so why do we have this conversation everyday?

Me: I dunno…

My mind: (sigh…) -_-

The things that go through my mind daily….