Adam Levine clothing


So at work we recently got Adam Levine men’s and women’s clothing. I thought I wouldn’t like much of it but I was surprised when I looked at some of it I actually do. Now my only problem is getting more money to buy it haha 🙂
Hope you all are having a wonderful day or night wherever you may be!

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Ultra Rapid Fire with Fizz is CRAZY!!!



Hey guys! So I have been playing quite a few games on the new Ultra Rapid Fire gamemode on league and I absolutely love it! It is so crazy and fast paced but very fun at the same time. I just uploaded one of the few games that I played on URF mode and you can go check it out on my YouTube channel by clicking the picture or right here. -> URF with fizz

As you can see by the picture a lot is changed and this is what makes it so crazy and fun. I’m working on getting even better at league of legends and if you are just beginning or already know a good amount about league that’s great! But I just got an ebook called “Learn the League” from Ciderhelm (awesome YouTuber and knows so much about League of Legends) and he has so much information and is always updating his ebook. If you want to get it just click the link below. Learn the League offers a university-level education in League of Legends and if you aren’t Gold ranked yet, chances are you can learn a lot from this to get there. I’m not just saying these things just because, I really mean it and I know I will be getting to gold rank or higher soon myself. 

Learn the League ebook-Ciderhelm

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Gotta love ’em


Don’t you just love cats? Or maybe dogs? No? How about birds, snakes, or frogs? Well whatever you do love that’s great! I love most animals but I have 3 favorites. Pandas, dogs, and cats. This is a picture of Honda, one of my boyfriends cats. Silly little chubby cat. Sometimes the suckish thing about some animals is being allergic to them. Cats are very loving but I am allergic so I can’t be around them to often but that doesn’t completely stop me. Do you like animals? Have any of your own? Let me know! 😀

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Quite the Escape



Do you like to just escape into your own little world and forget about the world around you? I know I sometimes do. One of the easiest and best ways (in my opinion) is to do this by listening to or creating music. I love just putting my music on full blast because I feel like I can just walk out the door and not have to worry about a thing. We all have our own playlists that we enjoy and we all like something different. It doesn’t matter what type of music you are into and whether you prefer to listen to it or make it but music is definitely a great way to escape the chaos of the world. 

I personally don’t know much about music but if I could I would love to make my own. It would be a fun experience and very cool to show off if it was any good. I found this very cool site where you can actually do just that. Make your own music and it works on mac or pc computers. I think I might just give it a try. If you want to as well just click here! 🙂

Isn’t that strange?!?!



Hey guys! Some of you know already that I love taking random photos. I was showing my sister the other day one of them, the one shown here. I forgot exactly what I asked her but the first thing she said was that it looked like a crowd of people and this looked like the top of there heads. I started laughing a lot because that isn’t what it is but I could see why she said it. Take a moment to look at it and tell me what YOU thought it was at first. 

Obviously it isn’t a crowd of people and the top of there heads because that would mean that they were all the same height which would definitely be weird. Nope. It’s actually a close up of the carpet. Why I took this picture, I don’t know. It sure is a strange yet interesting photo if you ask me. It’s pretty cool that you can take pictures of random things and they can look nothing like what they really are sometimes…

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Whitely Obsessed?



Hey guys! So the other day I was headed to work just minding my own business… duh, I was alone in my car.. Anywho.. I came to a stoplight and sat there for a few seconds staring into space when I noticed this. All of the vehicles in front of me at the light were all WHITE including mine! I actually looked away and then checked again to make sure I wasn’t just seeing things. Yep, all white. Is this just a very popular color for vehicles or was this just a coinkadink? Well it was a bit strange but it would be funny if it happened again with another color. We shall be on the lookout! 

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Eye see you!


Hey guys! Have you ever thought about how weird eyes are? Just think about them. They see things, they wear makeup, they wear glasses and contacts, they blink all the time. Some people need eye drops or other things to help their eyes. On Halloween people like wearing eye patches to be a pirate or maybe aviators to be a cool looking cop. Our eyes definitely go through a lot and sometimes we take the for granted. I am pretty sure Helen Keller would have loved to have good or perfect vision. I sure hope I never have to wear prescription glasses or contacts in the future. I have great vision now and all I need are eye drops for allergies and a cute pair of sunglasses to protect them from the sun. What do you think about eyes? Anything I didn’t mention? Let me know! 🙂

p.s. I put some links in this paragraph if you are needing new glasses or just wanting some new ones! This awesome site I linked Zennioptical has great deals and amazing glasses! Go check them out!

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If you can dream it… You can do it <3

What am I supposed to think? I can’t stand it. Listening to what I have to do all the time, what I do wrong, what I should be doing instead. What’s the point of trying. I can’t even make my own choices sometimes which in turn would help me make my own mistakes so I can learn on my own. I learn by doing. Anyone who knows me would know that. What if we all could make the decisions we wanted when we wanted to, can you just imagine how much trouble some people would be in? Yes, I agree not everyone needs to be in charge of themselves but it’s okay if some people are. I personally can not stand being told what to do, with anything. I hope to eventually have some sort of career where I am my own boss. If I end up being a manager/boss of other people that would even be good. I just hate having so many people above me. Right now I know I have to just deal with it and listen to my managers but sometimes some of them just hit the wrong button that day and I just want to walk out the door and never go back. Other days the same people or others can be so nice and friendly making jokes and having a ton of fun with me and my other coworkers. It’s a very confusing thing to deal with. I am going to be starting a second part time job, the one I currently have is also part time which kind of sucks because one full time position with benefits would be so much better, but hey, what can you possibly do with an Associate’s of Science Degree (nothing specific at all) and a high school diploma besides retail and being in the restaurant business, which I refuse to do (the restaurant part). Annnnywho…. Enough about managers and being told what to do.

I have had my YouTube account for almost a year, it’ll be a year in November of this year (2013) and I actually think I am doing really well for it not being that long yet. I recently got partnered with a gaming network/youtube network so hopefully they can help my channel grow bigger and a lot faster. Some people like to do YouTube videos only to earn money and that is a nice perk but that isn’t my reason for doing it. I make a couple different types of videos including gaming with commentary which is the main one I do, I also have done a couple stop motion animation videos, cartoons with a specific website, american sign language tutorials, and some of just me vlogging or showing off my pets. I really do enjoy making videos and I just recently got a better camera to record things so that’s nice. I also love taking pictures of different things especially nature and I’m hoping to start doing that a lot more again. I haven’t actually did a blog in which I talked to you guys for quite a few months and it was mainly because I started working again and because I got caught up with life. I am hoping to start blogging daily or every other day again, and when I remember and am able to I will add a picture to the blog of something interesting I saw that day or something else random that you guys might like. I really enjoy writing even though I hated it in school and I actually hope to one day write a book, most likely a children’s book or teen fiction. I know I have a lot of random and weird goals such as being my own manager, writing books, being popular on YouTube, and that isn’t everything, but I think it is possible. Everything is possible if you really want it, and if you dream it you can do it. I attached the picture that I have on my which says that. So if you guys have a goal or dream don’t just give up on it just because of one fork in the road or one little thing that may be difficult to get past. Go for it and just do it. Well guys, I better stop writing for tonight. Ya’ll are awesome and go for your dreams! G’nite!