Back to blogging!

Hey y’all! I haven’t blogged for quite some time and I sure do miss it. Hope everyone is doing well! I plan on blogging a lot more this year and I hope you all enjoy this photo of a little pigeon I took a couple weeks ago! 🙂


Beautiful bird on gorgeous winter day

Beautiful bird on gorgeous winter day

Serious lottery tickets


So this little boy and his mom were leaving the store when all of a sudden in the most serious voice he could probably do he says
“MOM, buy me that lottery ticket right there!”
I really thought she wouldn’t, then she does while saying
“You’re 10 years old, you don’t need these”
So his little brother whines that he wants one and the 10 year old replies, again with the serious voice,
“You aren’t old enough to understand this complicated game.”
All I have to say is wow…

Eye see you!


Hey guys! Have you ever thought about how weird eyes are? Just think about them. They see things, they wear makeup, they wear glasses and contacts, they blink all the time. Some people need eye drops or other things to help their eyes. On Halloween people like wearing eye patches to be a pirate or maybe aviators to be a cool looking cop. Our eyes definitely go through a lot and sometimes we take the for granted. I am pretty sure Helen Keller would have loved to have good or perfect vision. I sure hope I never have to wear prescription glasses or contacts in the future. I have great vision now and all I need are eye drops for allergies and a cute pair of sunglasses to protect them from the sun. What do you think about eyes? Anything I didn’t mention? Let me know! 🙂

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Still keys


Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t been posting to much lately. Anyways here’s a picture I took recently.  Some of you know I like taking random pictures and this is one of them!
Do you ever wonder how weird keys are? They are small, shiny, and are used to keep people out of places or things. They sure can be useful though.
I love how this picture came out because it’s so clear and I would like to say it’s a still life picture in a way. Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my YouTube channel! THANKS GUYS!!! 😀