Adam Levine clothing


So at work we recently got Adam Levine men’s and women’s clothing. I thought I wouldn’t like much of it but I was surprised when I looked at some of it I actually do. Now my only problem is getting more money to buy it haha 🙂
Hope you all are having a wonderful day or night wherever you may be!

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Tiny Tulip


Hey guys! So these two ladies came into my job and were looking at the baby Easter dresses. Then a funny little conversation happened about this dress in the picture.

Lady1: awww look how cute this pink one is!
Lady2: sure if you want your daughter to look like a fricken tulip
Lady1: no she wouldn’t (kinda annoyed voice)
Lady2: yeah. She definitely would

Then they took off.. without any dress in hand haha. The things you hear working in retail, gotta love it. And I do agree with the dress making her look like a tulip 🙂

Still keys


Hey guys!  Sorry I haven’t been posting to much lately. Anyways here’s a picture I took recently.  Some of you know I like taking random pictures and this is one of them!
Do you ever wonder how weird keys are? They are small, shiny, and are used to keep people out of places or things. They sure can be useful though.
I love how this picture came out because it’s so clear and I would like to say it’s a still life picture in a way. Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my YouTube channel! THANKS GUYS!!! 😀

Make some music the easy way!

Hey guys! Have you wanted to make music?

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Lonely tree


I absolutely LOVE nature. Whenever I can take a picture that is so beautiful and breathtaking I do it. Some of my favorite pictures are of the sky, trees, and sunsets. Sometimes they may not be of the best quality because all I have with me is the camera on my phone but I don’t care. I think “that is going to be my picture, no one else’s.” Do you like taking pictures of nature? If yes, what kind? I’d love to know, so please comment and follow! 🙂